Audrey Taylor Dining Hall

The heart of College residence life is the Audrey Taylor Dining Hall. Residents from all three Halls gather here for their meals. All meals are developed and created right here on campus by our campus culinary team. The food is nutritious, healthy and the menus vary each week. Our campus chefs use locally sourced raw materials whenever possible.   

Meal plans are declining balance. Residence dining dollars loaded onto your TCard at the beginning of the year. Like a traditional debit account, residence dining dollars are then deducted from your meal plan account when you make your food purchases. 

All students in residence at New College subscribe to a meal plan.  

Meal Plan Options 

There are three meal plans options for residents. The only difference between each plan is the amount of residence dining dollars included within the plan. 

  • Plan A – This plan works best for students with lighter appetites who are not on campus during weekends and occasionally have meals off campus. ($5,580 dining dollars). 
  • Plan B – This plan works best for students with average appetites who tend to stay on campus most weekends. ($6,070 dining dollars).
  • Plan C – This plan works best for students with larger appetites who stay on campus during weekends. Also great for students involved in athletics. ($6,560 dining dollars). 

For the full New College Meal Plan Agreement, see “Schedule D” in the New College Residence Policies.

Dietary Accommodation 

The Dining Hall offers a diverse selection of plant-based meals for vegans and vegetarians, as well as Halal options during all meal times and packaged kosher products. If you have other special dietary needs, including but not limited to those due to health or cultural practices, you are encouraged to contact Food Services in advance of your arrival (where possible) to provide the particulars of your specific needs.

Food Services employs a Registered Dietitian who is available to support students with their dietary and nutritional needs and who will work directly with students to determine, and agree, on how their needs can be best accommodated. You can contact the dietician at

Where Can I Use My Meal Plan?

Your residence dining dollars can be used as follows:  

  • To purchase food + beverage items at the New College Dining Hall and Chestnut Dining Hall (tax exempt)  
  • To purchase food + beverage items at selected retail outlets across campus that are operated by Food Services. Only items prepared by Food Services will be tax exempt. For example, a pre-packaged product such as a bag of chips would not be tax exempt, but a sandwich and beverage prepared on campus using raw ingredients would be tax exempt.
Meal Plan Carryover Information 

For those residents who do not use all their Tax-Exempt Residence Dining Dollars prior to the end of the academic year, a limited carryover is permitted. Remaining carryover funds will be automatically transferred to TBucks within 5 business days after the end of the academic year.   

Carryover Limits 

  • Plan A $300 less a $50 administrative fee
  • Plan B – $450 less a $50 administrative fee
  • Plan C – $550 less a $50 administrative fee
2021 Residential Dining Program Assessment

Beginning in Spring 2021, UofT Food Services and consultants Envision Strategies undertook a review of the dining programs at New College and Chestnut Residence. The nine-month project covered a range of topics, including menu offerings, meal plan structure, pricing, sustainability, procurement, food literacy, and community engagement. The reviewers’ findings and recommendations, presented in the final report below, will help guide Food Services’ offerings and services in the coming months and years.