The New College Residence Council (NCRC) is the governing body for students in residence. As elected student leaders, they oversee social, athletic, and community affairs for our three residence buildings. The NCRC also advocates for students by liaising between residents, administration, and the University. Getting involved in the New College Residence Council is a fantastic way to make new connections and build your leadership capabilities.

Governance Structure

The Council consists of three groups: an Executive Team, the General Assembly, and House Councils.

The Executive Team

The executive team provides leadership and direction to the NCRC, setting the Council’s agenda, chairing student committees, and facilitating programming for students in residence. There are six positions on the executive team: three Building Presidents and three Directors of Administration, Communication, and Finance, respectively.

The General Assembly

The general assembly is the decision-making body of the Council. The Assembly consists of the House Representatives and Junior House Representatives from the 20 houses across all three residence buildings. These positions also help facilitate House programming with their House Councils.

House Councils

New College Residence is divided into twenty smaller communities called Houses. Each House has their own House Council, consisting of four elected student leaders: a House Representative, Junior House Representative, Treasurer, and Social Convenor. House Reps and Jr. House Reps attend monthly General Assembly Meetings and serve on a Building Committee (House Rep) and Dining Committee (Jr. House Rep), respectively. Treasurers serve on the Finance Committee, while Social Convenors serve on the Events Committee.
House Councils may create additional positions, such as Birthday or Sustainability Representative. Residence Dons serve as advisors to their House Council, supporting the election of these positions and the facilitation of house programs.

The Chief Returning Officer

The Chief Returning Officer administers the Executive and Director elections and supervises referenda for the New College Residence Council. In their role, they ensure that all elections and referendums are conducted in a fair, non-partisan, transparent and accessible manner.

Election Timelines

Each role on the NCRC is elected by residents of New College according to the following timelines.


Elections for the three Directors of Administration, Communication, and Finance, respectively, will take place in the final General Assembly Meeting in March of the current academic year. Building President elections will take place in September of the subsequent academic year. Executive and Director elections are administered by the Chief Returning Officer.

House Councils

Elections for House Council positions will take place in September of the subsequent academic year, during the first or second house meeting. House Council elections are administered by the Residence Don of each respective house.

Chief Returning Officer

Elections for the Chief Returning Officer position are administered concurrently with the Director roles in March of the current academic year.