New College is proud to house commuter students who live off-campus, and they are a vibrant part of our student community. Commuter students are highly encouraged to attend some of our community hours and events, where they can meet new people, and learn more about what being part of the New College community can mean. Commuter programming is open to all students, and its purpose is to create connection and support for and with off-campus students for the duration of their experience during undergrad. 

Community Hours

All New College commuter students are welcome to join our Commuter Advisors for FREE weekly events. Community hours are led by upper-year student leaders who help create a positive commuter community through providing advising, support, and programming for students. These programs are designed to provide students a sense of connection on campus. All programs and events offered are commuter-friendly, accessible and free to attend. Join us for free snacks, games, crafting, and many other fun activities! Make sure to stop by the Wilson Lounge at 40 Willcocks St for community hours!

Fall 2023 Community Hours

Tuesdays ~ 10:30am-12:30pm

Wednesdays ~ 11am-1pm

Thursdays ~ 1-3pm

Commuter Advisors (CAs)

Commuter Advisors (CAs) are upper-year students that primarily support the commuter population at New College. The CA team consists of general CAs and BIPOC-focused CAs. Throughout the year, they host social and developmental programming for all New College students.

Meet Your Commuter Advisors

Serena (she/her)

Commuter Advisor

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Program of Study: Accounting Specialist, Statistic Minor, Focus in Data Science

Fun Facts:

  • I can play piano, flute, and ukulele🎼 
  • This is my third year living on New College 

“Have fun in our community hours, make connections, and share free snacks! Come by to say hi and you can also ask me anything about my programs and life in residence!🥳”

Kalsoom (she/her)

Commuter Advisor – BIPOC Focused

Year of Study: 4th Year

Program of Study: Double Major – Health & Disease, Cell & Molecular Biology. Minor – Biology

Fun Facts:

  • I love to eat green chillies with food. 💚
  • I took 6 courses in my second year (Feel free to ask me how and why, lol) 

“Come join community hours and ask me about my programs of study 📚 , my research 🔬 & extracurricular experiences ✨, and how to get involved with extracurricular activities on campus and outside of campus. 🥳” 

Damola (she/her)

Commuter Advisor – BIPOC Focused

Year of Study: 2nd Year

Program of Study: Major in Political Science, double minor in African Studies and Equity studies

Fun Facts:

  • My favourite book right now is Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • I love travelling, I’ve been to 8 countries 

“Come join community hours and ask me about unique clubs on campus. There is literally a club for everything!”

Olivia (she/her)

Commuter Advisor

Year of Study: 4th Year

Program of Study: Bioethics and Environmental Ethics with minor in Environmental Studies

Fun Facts:

  • I love to swim
  • I am obsessed with my dog, Leon

“Come hang out with me at community hours to talk about commuting, Taylor Swift, and the best outdoor study spots on campus”