New College is proud to house commuter students who live off-campus, and they are a vibrant part of our student community. Commuter students are highly encouraged to attend some of our community hours and events, where they can meet new people, and learn more about what being part of the New College community can mean. Commuter programming is open to all students, and its purpose is to create connection and support for and with off-campus students for the duration of their experience during undergrad. 

Commuter House System

All New College commuter students will be assigned to one of our three Commuter Houses (Bolt House, Oak House, or Ray House). Commuter Houses are smaller communities within the larger New College community designed to provide students a sense of connection on campus. Houses are led by upper-year student leaders who help create a positive commuter community through providing advising, support, and programming for students. Commuter students compete to win the annual Commuter Cup through earning points for their house by participating in co-curricular programs and contests through the College (I.e. pumpkin carving, budget management workshops, neighbourhood walking tours). All programs and events offered are commuter-friendly, accessible and affordable.