<em>Writing centre instructors have taught me that improving writing is a process that I have to actively engage in. They did not fix my writing; they helped me be aware of my own thought processes and my delivery. I can say with confidence that the most valuable tool I got from my university experiences was learning to write well. I no longer write to fill up blank spaces but to effectively and efficiently deliver my thoughts and opinions. Thank you so much New College Writing Centre. You guys have changed the way I see writing and opened many doors for me.</em>

Psychology major

<em>The New College Writing Centre has been one of the highlights of my academic experience at U of T. The instructors have, over the years, provided me with gentle yet firm guidance, and my competency as a writer has been a product of my long-standing relationship with my mentors at the centre. I encourage all students to utilize this amazing resource. I, for one, have yet to hand in a paper that hasn’t gone through the competent eyes of the Writing Centre instructors.</em>

Women and Gender Studies and Psychology major

<em>I think the most valuable part about attending the Writing Centre is knowing the staff are there to support you throughout your writing process.</em><br><em>One of my favourite programs at the Writing Centre is the Reading eWriting program.  This program allowed me to practice writing in my spare time and helped me enjoy the writing process while focusing on topics which interest me.</em>

Geography and Environmental Studies major

Some of my deepest learning happens in the writing centre. The one-on-one appointments offer an opportunity not only to improve my academic and creative writing skills but also to engage with fellow scholars in conversations that test my understanding of course material and enhance my ability to think critically. I attribute a great deal of my academic success to the dedicated instructors at the writing centre.<br><br>My instructors have guided me through many different phases of the writing process from fragmented first thoughts to final drafts, from emotional breakdowns to intellectual breakthroughs. It’s important to find the right chemistry with your instructors, but when you do, you won’t know how you ever survived a semester without them.<br>

Women and Gender Studies and Drama major