How to make an appointment

Important policies

Last minute writing support: The waitlist and drop-in appointments

Frequently asked questions

Academic reading appointments



The following students are eligible to use our centre:

  • Students registered at New College
  • Students taking courses in a New College program, WGS or HMB.  (These students must bring work from a course in a New College program.)

If you are not eligible to use the New College Writing Centre, find information about writing support in your home College or Faculty here.


How to make an appointment

Our booking system is easy to use. Just click on any available appointment time (in white) that you’d like to book. You may reserve one appointment per week. Out of fairness to all students, you may only have three appointments at a time scheduled.

You will be blocked from making appointments if you miss two appointments during the fall/winter or summer term. Please cancel at least twenty-four hours in advance to give students on the waiting list a chance to book.

If you have courses at other colleges and can’t find an appointment to meet your needs here, you may log out and then click on the link to any other centre in Quercus.

Making appointments

The login button on our home page will take you to a standard UTOR login page, which will require your UTORid and password. We are a busy site: book well in advance and leave lots of time before your paper is due to apply what you learn in your sessions. Every time you make or cancel an appointment, you will receive an email confirmation. If you are uncertain about your upcoming appointments, you can check them in the booking system.

Communicating with us

The reservation system communicates with you via e-mail or text.  The system will send you an e-mail notification of each appointment you book or cancel. It will also send you reminder e-mails and waitlist notifications. You must use your utoronto email address to use our system.

If you wish to receive reminders and waiting list notifications by text rather than email, make sure to update your profile to include your mobile number and carrier. If you want to see us during the day as a drop-in, we’ll call you at your mobile phone # as long as you entered it when you registered. You may add it to your profile at any time.

Cancelling appointments

Please note that you must cancel appointments at least a full twenty-four hours in advance. Timely cancellation makes appointments available to others who are waiting.

To cancel an appointment, login to your account on our homepage.  Then click on “My appointments” in the Welcome tab to the left.


Important policies

Booking appointments

You may reserve and hold three appointments at a time, but only one per week.

If you already have an appointment booked in a particular week, you may be able to drop-in for a second appointment to any time that remains unreserved. Priority for drop-in appointments is given to students who have not yet had an appointment that term or week.)

During the summer session, you may book two appointments per week.

You may book appointments only for yourself.  We will see only the student who has booked the appointment. We will consider the appointment “missed” if the student who booked it does not use it.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, we may need to give the appointment to another student who is waiting. Penalties for missed appointments are erased at the beginning of the fall and the summer terms.

Student card

Please bring your student card to each appointment.


Please give at least a full 24 hours notice of cancellation. Students who cancel late or miss appointments risk losing their reservation privileges. Please note that if you lose reservation privileges in two or more academic sessions, we may ask you to visit the Writing Centre on a drop-in basis only.

Admissions letters

You may reserve one appointment per academic term in our regular Writing Centre schedule to address graduate and professional schools application materials, such as personal statements. You may bring these documents to drop-in appointments and the Writing Room.

We do not look at job application materials (resumes and cover letters) at the Writing Centre.  Take a look at the Career Centre for useful advice pages and workshops to help you with the job search.

Practice tests (e.g., MCAT and GRE)

You can reserve one appointment per academic term in our regular Writing Centre schedule to get help developing writing skills for admissions tests.  You may also bring this work to drop-in appointments and the Writing Room.

Hard-copies required

If you are bringing a draft, a hard copy is required. Instructors are unable to read drafts from laptop screens or print materials from disks or memory keys. This policy does not apply to students with disabilities who require a computer to read and work with texts.

Group projects

One or more members of a group may book an appointment to work on a group project.  If you are not the author/s of some  text that you bring, we will help you develop questions and editorial strategies that you can take back to the group.  The person who books the appointment must attend the session and be eligible to book  (a New College student or a student from another college working on a group assignment for a New College program course).


Last minute writing support

If you need help with your writing but didn’t manage to book an appointment ahead of time, try one of these options.  Most days, some appointments do become available at the last minute.

The waitlist

Use the waiting list if you can’t get an appointment when you need one. Just click on the waiting list link for any day you’d like to see us. You have the option of selecting a time range or a specific instructor. The system will notify you by email if an appointment becomes available. You may easily delete yourself from any list if you no longer wish to remain on.

The reservation system notifies all students on the waitlist when an appointment comes available through cancellation. If you enter the booking system and find that there are no appointments on the specified date, this means that the appointment has already been booked by another student.

Drop-in appointments

If you would like a last minute drop-in appointment, just put your name on the waitlist on the morning of the day that you’d like an appointment. (To do this, remove your name from the waitlist and put your name back on the waitlist so that your sign-up has a date-stamp of that day.) Be sure to include the times that you are available and very close to New College, and ensure that your phone number is in your registration profile. Almost every day, we have several appointments that go unused because we are unable to fill them at the last minute, so help us fit you in to one of these appointments! Tip: If you are studying in the Ivy Library, or somewhere else right at New College, and have indicated your availability that day, you will be easier to fit into a drop-in appointment.

The Writing Room

Our drop-in writers’ space, The Writing Room, is open one to three afternoons a week.  Come meet with a writing instructor or just hang out and write.


Frequently asked questions

I haven’t started writing yet.  Can I still make a writing centre appointment?

Absolutely.   We work with students at all stages of the writing process.  Some students want help interpreting assignment questions and getting started.  Some students find it useful to talk through their ideas before writing.  And some students want advice about how to work in new genres of writing or to switch to more complex forms of writing.  Consultations are geared to what you need.

I can’t get an appointment.  Can I still get help on my assignment?

Put your name on our Waitlist. Also, you can bring your work to The Writing Room. Generally, we find that students who use the Waitlist are very successful in getting last minute appointments.  Find out more here.

What should I bring to a writing centre appointment?

Please bring your assignment sheet and your student card.  If you are bringing a draft, part-draft, outline, or drafted notes, bring them in hard copy.   Depending on what you want to work on, you may also find it useful to bring your readings.

Can I bring job application materials (my resume and cover letter) to a Writing Centre appointment?

No. We only look at academic writing at the Writing Centre. Check out the Career Centre for useful advice pages and workshops to help you with the job search.

Can I bring in group assignments? Who should come to that appointment?

Certainly. One or more members of a group may book an appointment to work on a group project. We don’t work with text for which the author is not present, but we can help you develop questions and editorial strategies that you can take back to any members of the group unable to attend the appointment. The person who books the appointment must attend the session and be eligible to book  (a New College student or a student working on a group assignment for a New College course).

I didn’t get a chance to print out my draft.  What should I do?

If you don’t have a printed copy of your draft, you can visit the New College library to produce one and then return to your appointment.