New College Residence is comprised of three buildings, Wilson Hall, Wetmore Hall and 45 Willcocks. The three Halls accommodate a total of 880 students.

New College is unique in many ways, from its striking architecture to its providing a virtually self-contained community. Everything is housed together: residence rooms, dining facilities, a library and study areas, computer labs, common rooms and lounges, music practice rooms, student clubs, councils and course unions, classrooms, lecture halls, faculty and administrative offices.

music practice rooms - wetmore

The residence, and the college as a whole, is a smoke-free environment. This means that smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the buildings, including individual student rooms.

In Wilson and Wetmore, each residence floor is divided into two houses of approximately 45 students per house.  There are four all-women Houses in Wilson Hall, and the remaining ten houses are gender-inclusive.

In 45 Willcocks, each floor has one House of approximately 40 students.  There is one all-men floor, with the remaining six being gender-inclusive. The “Houses” are designed to provide a residential and family atmosphere.

In each house there is a Don, who is either a graduate student, a second degree student or a student in their final year of undergraduate studies. Dons are trained to provide leadership and guidance, and they plan co-curricular and extra-curricular activities on a House, Building, and Residence wide scale to actively engage all students in our community. Each building also has a Lead Don who has prior Don experience. The Assistant to the Dean of Residence Life (ADRL), who is on call 24/7, manages the Don team and is available to all residents for support and assistance. The Dons work closely with the ADRL to create a supportive, caring and fun environment.

Entrance to the residence floors is by key-fob only.

Common rooms, bathrooms and laundry facilities
Laundry facilities and common rooms are conveniently located on every floor. Each common room is furnished with couches, tables and chairs, and is equipped with a TV, a sink, stove, refrigerator and microwave oven. There are large, modern, clean bathrooms on every floor. Yes, this means they are shared, including those on gender-inclusive floors.

Cleaning rooms
Each floor has a cleaning room which is supplied with a vacuum cleaner, mop, broom and cleaning agents. Our custodial staff looks after the common areas such as bathrooms and common rooms. The cleaning of student rooms is the responsibility of the residents, which means that you (and your roommate) will be responsible for cleaning your own room.

Study Spaces
The Lounges in Wilson and Wetmore are furnished with tables and chairs as well as comfortable lounge seating.  Both are popular with commuters during the day and residents in the evenings. There is also a study room on each floor of 45 Willcocks.

The Donald Ivey Library in Wilson Hall houses the Women’s Studies collection, which is of international significance. The Library also provides an excellent study space and a wheelchair accessible computer lab. During the exam periods, the library stays open to provide a 24-Hour Study Space available to all New College Students.

All students in residence have access to the New College library and computer labs as well as the Wilson, Wetmore and 45 Willcocks lounge spaces.  New College Arts and Science Students also have access to the New College Writing Centre and Math and Statistics Aid.