Our residences aren’t just made of brick and mortar! We provide a number of services including maintenance, IT services and the friendly staff at the Front Desk who can direct students to a variety of invaluable resources.

Wilson Hall Front Desk

Residence services at the Wilson Hall Front Desk help make the experience of living in residence comfortable and easy. The Front Desk operates 23 hours a day, 7 days a week and is your first stop for assistance for anything from facilities and maintenance issues to concerns about internet connectivity. If you encounter any such problems in residence, notify the helpful staff at the Front Desk and they will refer you to the appropriate resources.

The Wilson Hall Front Desk is located at the main entrance to Wilson Hall, 40 Willcocks Street.

Telephone: 416-978-8877

Food Deliveries

Students must meet delivery drivers in the lobby. The Front Desk will not accept food or grocery deliveries.

Lost Keys or Lock-Outs

If a resident locks themselves out of their room or loses their keys, they must complete a Lockout/Lost Key Form at the Front Desk before being able to sign-out the emergency key.

Mail and Parcels

The Front Desk will accept mail for students currently living in residence. Students will be notified by email when they have mail and the pick-up process and hours.

  • Packages must clearly include the resident’s name and address
  • Residents are not allowed to order prohibited items such as alcohol or cannabis to residence
  • The Front Desk will not accept heavy packages (i.e. packages over 10kg or 22lbs)

Room Maintenance

Bed Adjustments

If your bed height needs to be adjusted, please fill out a Service Request Form at the Wilson Front Desk. Special tools are required to adjust the bed and this action must be performed by a maintenance staff member.  


If you require maintenance in your room, please report this immediately at the Wilson Front Desk. You will be asked to fill out a Service Request Form to notify the maintenance staff that your room requires service. Service Request Forms are typically responded to within five business days.

New College Amenities

Bike Room

New College has a bike room where residents can store bicycles during the year. Spaces are limited and available on a first-come first-serve basis. For the 2022-23 Fall-Winter, you can submit your application via Microsoft Forms below. Please have the following information at hand when you’re ready to submit:

  • Bicycle Make, Model and Colour
  • Bicycle Serial Number

Access is not approved until you receive an email confirmation from the Office of Residence and Student Life.

The Donald G. Ivey Library

The Donald G. Ivey Library in Wilson Hall provides an excellent study space and a wheelchair-accessible computer lab. During exam periods, the library stays open to provide a 24-hour Study Space available to all New College students.

The library has 20 computer workstations that are open to all university members. The library also houses two New College Student Computer Labs which include 44 computer workstations that are exclusive to New College students. All computer workstations have access to the internet and printing services as well as the full Microsoft Office Suit, which includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The library computers also have the assistive technology Kurzweil 3000, JAWS text to speech, and ZoomText magnifier.

If you want to work on the go, the library has laptops and chargers available for loan. Just visit the library’s circulation desk.

The Library houses the Women’s Studies collection, which is of international significance.

Internet Access

Full wireless internet access is available on all residence floors in all three buildings. Access is also available in the public areas of New College, including the Wilson and Wetmore Lounges and the D.G. Ivey Library in Wilson Hall.

Getting Connected in Your Room

All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and have a ResNet connection for each resident which allows complimentary access to the University’s computing network and, through the University network, to the Internet.

For information about the wireless networks supported by U of T and how to create an account please follow this link to the U of T Information Commons Help Desk.

Please note that wireless routers are not permitted in residence.

ResNet Services/Connectivity Issues in Residence

If you encounter any issues with the internet in your residence room, it is recommended you submit a problem report through the IT reporting form.

In addition, there is a ResNet Representative in each House who is an elected member of House Council, whose position is to assist students with connectivity issues in their rooms. Students should become familiar with their ResNet Reps and House Councils and know who to ask for help in their House should any internet issues arise. If students have questions, they can always ask their Don to point them in the right direction.

College IT Services

The College’s local IT group provides basic troubleshooting support to get you connected and computing. The IT Office is located in Wetmore Hall, Room 77 (in the basement) and can be contacted at 416-946-8368.  An on-duty IT specialist will be able to assist you.

Please visit their webpage for the latest updates and procedures on getting support for your devices.

Copyright Infringement

Our internet usage policy strictly prohibits students from downloading copyrighted material. The policy is outlined in the Residence Occupancy Agreement under “Schedule C – New College Network Usage Agreement” (page 11 of the Residence Code of Conduct).

If a student violates this agreement they will be locked out of their internet access for a period of time. If they continue to violate the agreement, they may be prevented from accessing the internet indefinitely. Note that all violations are treated in compound to wired and wireless access. Blocks may not be immediate, the University may block your access to both connection services at any time if an offence has been detected.

Lounges and Study Spaces

All students in residence have access to the New College library and computer labs as well as the Wilson, Wetmore and 45 Willcocks lounge spaces. New College Arts & Science Students also have access to the New College Writing Centre and Math and Statistics Aid.


The Lounges in Wilson and Wetmore are furnished with tables and chairs as well as comfortable lounge seating. Both are popular with commuters during the day and residents in the evenings. 45 Willcocks has lounge and study space in the Atrium and on the William Doo Auditorium steps, as well as a study room on each floor.

Music Rooms

There are New College music practice rooms in the basement of 45 Willcocks, Wilson Hall, and Wetmore Hall (currently closed). The rooms all contain pianos (acoustic uprights or digital).

The New College music rooms are open to all current New College students (residents and non-residents) September-April for the Fall-Winter terms and May-August for the Summer term. Should you wish to access the music rooms, please complete and submit a Practice Room Application. If approved, you will be given a music room access card that will allow you to book practice time.

Please submit your application to the New College Office of Residence and Student Life (ORSL) at new.residence@utoronto.ca.