New College offers three different room options for residents; traditional single and double rooms as well as the more economical bed-over-desk double rooms.  All rooms are fully furnished (bed, desk, set of drawers, closet, chair and window coverings), with large windows; they are air-conditioned and there are heating controls in each room.

All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and a ResNet connection for each resident which allows complimentary access to the University’s computing network and, through the University network, to the Internet.

Please note that wireless routers are not permitted in residence.

Room Types

Single Rooms – House an individual student in a room with their own single bed, desk, desk chair and closet.

Double Rooms – Traditional university residence double rooms, housing two students in a spacious room.  Each student in the room has their own desk, desk chair, single bed and closet. There is only one phone and phone line in a double room, but each student is assigned their own private voicemail.

Bed-over-desk Double Rooms – These double rooms maximize space in a smaller double room by placing the bed over the desk, making the best use of space and creating unique individual study spaces.  The bed-over-desk is set-up like a traditional bunk bed, except the lower bunk is removed and a desk is placed in this space.  Each student in a bed-over-desk double is provided with their own closet, bed, desk and desk chair.  These rooms are only located in Wilson Hall.

New College Room Summary 2019