Research and Information Literacy Instruction

Faculty and librarians share the common goal of student success, both in the context of an individual course and for the duration of the students’ academic career. Embedding research and information literacy skills into your assignments can prepare students with the skills to succeed in your course, and with skills they can carry on into their future endeavors.

As you prepare your course material, consider consulting with or working with your New College Librarians to expand your pedagogical practices by finding new ways to incorporate research and information literacy skills into your research and writing assignments. Your New College Librarians are excited to work with you to explore new assignment designs and other possibilities to further incorporate information literacy into your course.

If you are incorporating a research assignment into your course or feel that your students could use a library instruction session, your New College Librarians are also available to work with you and your students to develop classes and support materials to introduce or develop your students’ online and library research skills to help them produce better research papers and projects.

If you would like to discuss opportunities of collaborating on assignment design or discuss ways that the library can better support your students use of the UofT libraries’ resources or develop more effective online search skills, please fill out the online Library Instruction form.

The DG Ivey library offers customized information literacy and library instruction sessions, workshops and tutorials for your students to help them develop effective research practices for their papers and assignments. Fill out this form if you are interested in library instruction tailored to your class’s assignments.

What is information literacy?

Why is information literacy important?

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