Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with New College programs will have new three-letter designators based on the area of study: “AFR” (African Studies), “BPM” (Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health), “CAR” (Caribbean Studies), and “CSE” (Critical Studies in Equity and Solidarity). For program completion purposes, the courses previously offered under the “NEW” designator are interchangeable with the new designator(s).

African Studies Programs




2023 – 2024 African Studies Course Timetable – Coming Soon

Download the 2022-2023 African Studies Course Timetable

2022-2023 African Studies Special Topics

Past and Future African Studies Special Topics (not offered in 2022-2023)

Specialist program: (11 full courses)

Core course requirements:
Other requirements:
  • 2.5 credits from Group A
  • 2.0 credits from Group B
  • 2.0 credits from Groups A or B
  • 2.0 credits in language courses from Group C (a progression in one language) or 2.0 credits in a major African language approved by the Program Committee
  • 4.0 credits must be 300/400 series (including at least 1.0 credit 400-se­ries course) of which at least 1.0 credit must be from Group A and another from Group B

Major program: (6 full Courses)

Core course requirements:
Other requirements:

Minor program: (4 full courses)

Core requirement:
Other requirements:

Group A

(Courses that deal exclusively with Africa. These include but are not limited to the following): AFR250Y1AFR251H1AFR270H1AFR290H1AFR298H1AFR322H1AFR351Y1AFR352H1AFR353H1AFR354H1AFR355H1AFR357H1AFR358H1AFR359H1AFR365H1AFR370H1AFR389H1AFR450Y1AFR451H1AFR453Y1AFR454H1AFR455H1AFR459H1AFR499H1ENG367H1FCS392H1HIS295Y1HIS297Y1HIS319H1HIS322H1HIS342H1HIS383Y1HIS394H1HIS450H1HIS481H1HIS483H1HIS486H1JNH350H1JQR360H1POL301H1POL309H1POL488H1POL489H1, an independent studies course approved by the Program Committee

Group C:

AFR280Y1AFR380Y1)/ ( FSL221Y1FSL321Y1/​ FSL421Y1)/ ( NML110Y1NML210Y1)/ ( PRT100Y1PRT220Y1)/ 2.0 credits in any major African language approved by the Program Committee