To support the Minor, program faculty and students organize activities and catalyze inter-departmental and inter-institutional collaborations, specifically with the Department of Psychology and the Department for the Study of Religion. These activities have included the following:

  • A growing and active Buddhism and Psychology Student Union that organizes weekly meditation and yoga classes, discussion groups, invited speakers, movie nights, and social events.
  • A yearly Senior Doctoral Fellowship, valued at $1,500, for one student who presents their research and participates in activities of the minor. Senior Doctoral Fellows engage with the intellectual community at New College and give an academic seminar related to their research.
  • Conferences and seminars featuring recent research in Buddhism, psychology, and mental health, with invited lectures and practical workshops.
  • A peer-reviewed undergraduate journal, Upaya, published by the Buddhism and Psychology Student Union, that showcases undergraduate writing.
  • A yearly spring conference organized by the Buddhism and Psychology Student Union.
  • The acquisition by the D.G. Ivey library at New College of a growing collection of texts related to Buddhism and psychology available at the University which will facilitate student research and course work.

Many of these activities are the result of past and present collaborators and partners, including the Buddhist Education Foundation for CanadaOntario Institute of Studies in Education, the Cognitive Science programDepartment for the Study of Religion, and the Department of Psychology. The breadth and depth of the activities, current and planned, are a strong indication of the vitality of the minor program and its continued growth.