All New College applicants are considered for scholarships at the time an offer of admission to the Faculty of Arts and Science is made. The offer of admission that you receive will indicate if you are being awarded a New College scholarship. U of T attracts a large volume of excellent students each year making awards fairly competitive.

I’ve received an admission scholarship! Now what?

Students receiving a New College admission scholarship for the 2020-2021 Fall/Winter Session should note the following terms & conditions:

  • This award is tenable during the 2020-2021 Fall/Winter Session only
  • During this period, you must remain registered with New College as a full-time student in the Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto
  • Acceptance of your offer of admission from the University of Toronto will confirm acceptance of the scholarship offer
  • Detailed information about the name of the scholarship and payment arrangements will be sent to you in August by New College

Congratulations on your outstanding achievements!