Choosing the College for You

As an essential part of your admission application for the Faculty of Arts and Science you will be asked to rank your choices of College in order of preference. This process is outlined in Application for College Membership. It’s in your own interest to gather information and think carefully about your possible selections, starting well before you complete the on-line College choice form.

Your higher-ranked choices should be well-researched through the College websites; and if possible, especially if you plan to live in residence, you should try to visit the St. George Campus to see a few Colleges first-hand.

Your College is your home base and support system, a smaller community or neighbourhood within the larger University where students, teaching staff, administrative staff and alumni can interact and benefit from associating with each other.

Colleges offer a wide range of services, including academic and financial counselling, orientation to the university, scholarships and bursaries, tutorial assistance and career information. College facilities provide an infrastructure for your studies: residence accommodation, a library with study space and computer labs are just some of these. Student activities in the College can enrich your university experience through social events, concerts, drama, team sports, opportunities to participate in student and College government, and just “hanging out” with friends.

Remember that your choice of College is not related to your field of study. You will have full and equal access to all courses and programs offered in the Faculty of Arts and Science as a member of any of the seven Colleges.

Your ranked selections should be based on your personal preferences. Each College has its own character or personality. In ordering your choices you may wish to consider location, residence type and space, size of membership, architecture, religious affiliation, family tradition, choices made by your friends, or any other factors which may make some Colleges more appealing to you than others.

It’s important that you yourself should participate in deciding which College will become your home at U of T. Be sure to complete the on-line College choice form by the specified date.