An interdisciplinary approach to social justice theories and practices in a variety of local and global contexts. Areas of emphasis include disability studies, global food equity and social advocacy.

A clenched fist pointing upwards with the text "in solidarity" above the fist and "ESSU" at the base of the fist.

The Equity Studies Student Union (ESSU) hosts extra-curricular events and aims to support students in their academic endeavors within the Equity Studies program.

In addition to core courses, students are required to take equity courses from other programs and departments across the University.

Equity Studies Program Requirements

For Equity Studies program requirements see New College Programs in the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar.

Equity Studies Student Awards

In 2014, we established our first Equity Studies scholarship, the David Clandfield Scholarship in Scholarly Activism, which is awarded based on academic achievement, to a student majoring in Equity Studies entering the fourth year of study who demonstrates the potential to contribute to social justice issues.

In addition, the Janet Lambert Book Prize in Equity Studies is awarded to a fourth year, or graduating student, who has excelled, and made a contribution to the Equity Studies Program.


In 2015, we launched knots, an undergraduate student journal in disability studies.

Curious? Find more information about knots. The most recent volume can also be read online, and all past issues can be accessed in hard copy at New College’s D.G. Ivey Library.

Equity Studies Student Union (ESSU)

The Equity Studies Student Union (ESSU) is a vibrant and active student group whose members work throughout the year to provide extra-curricular events that will complement students’ in-class education.

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Program News and Events

Access upcoming Equity Studies events, as well as an archive of past events.

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