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African Studies, African Conditions, African Futures! 

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Akwaba! Bienvenue! E Karo! Mbote! Mhoro! Salam! Sawubona! Welcome! The African Studies Program offers students at the University of Toronto opportunities to study African societies, cultures and histories through interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary lenses at three different levels of specialization. Students have the option to pursue a specialist, a major or a minor in African Studies. Interdisciplinary courses offered through New College form the core of the program. Additional courses from History, Political Science, English, Anthropology, Sociology, Music, and Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations round out the program. Students in the program are encouraged to pursue complementary majors or minors in one of these disciplines or programs. The specialist program requires two years of language study designed to broaden access to the literature of Africa in French, Portuguese, Swahili, Arabic or other African languages. For African Studies program requirements see New College Programs in the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar. The African Studies Program also arranges seminars and cultural events centred on Africa and works closely with student and community organizations interested in Africa. (The African Studies Course Union, organized by students in the Program, provides support with special events. Its office is located in Room 500V, Wilson Hall.  The African Students Association also hosts special events of interest to students in the Program.  Its office is located in Room 500T, Wilson Hall. Visit their website here.)

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About African Studies

The African Studies Program is housed in New College on the University of Toronto, St. George campus. It was created in 1978. The program draws on the faculty in the three campuses of the University of Toronto to offer a wide range of courses dealing with politics, philosophy, culture, history, society, inventions, ideas, institutions, and language of the diverse peoples of Africa. It is supported by the outstanding collections on Africa at Robarts Library. The program is well-known for teaching courses that recognize Africa as a living place rather than merely as a site for intellectual speculation and study. The faculty associated with the program are recognized around the world for their innovative and award-winning research on Africa. The instructors within the program are committed teachers who have taught courses in Africa, lived there, developed strong relationships with universities and research centres on the continent, and have strong and abiding commitment to the area of study. The Program attracts diverse undergraduate students. At present there are one hundred and seventy-two students in the program; twenty specialists, seventy-seven majors, and seventy-five minors. Students in the program are widely known for their commitment to making a difference in the world. Our interdisciplinary approaches to teaching give students the necessary tools to succeed in graduate studies and in professional programs. Graduates from the program usually pursue further studies in major graduate and professional programs around the world or find rewarding careers in international development, law, education, journalism, and non-governmental sector. Our location in downtown Toronto allows students to immerse themselves in various African cultural, musical, artistic and other Africa-related activities in the greater Toronto area. The Africa-related events available to our students include new galleries at the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario, special exhibits and the extensive collections of the Textile Museum of Canada, premieres of African cinema at the Toronto International Film Festival, and the annual Afrofest at Queen’s Park, right in the middle of the U of T campus.

Program Requirements

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