Our Year-long Events

The 5 courses offered by the NewONE program are run simultaneously by 5 different instructors and focus on radically different, yet profoundly connected topics. A way to make such connections tangible is through our “learning labs,” a series of plenary sessions taking place during the last hour of our classes. These labs feature activities ranging from workshops in collaboration with a range of offices to help students navigate academic and administrative intricacies, to events and activities with guest speakers to equip them with the tools necessary to make connections across disciplines, while cultivating their curiosity, and exploring sociocultural contexts beyond the institutional boundaries of the university. During these activities students are provided plenty of opportunities to socialize with their peers. In addition to exposing students to a variety of realities and cross-disciplinary dialogues, the NewONE takes issues of mental health and social isolation very seriously. thus, our activities are designed to ease students’ anxieties about entering university, and to foster dialogues and intellectual exchanges among them.
Below are some of the activities we offered last year:

What is the Knowledge Fair? It is a final showcase of students projects. The fair features around 29-35 group projects featuring: Scientific posters, infographics, multimedia presentations, video projections, podcasts, websites and other creative projects made by our students. It takes place in the Fall and in the Winter.

Food Drive. Advertised across the New College network, this food drive took place during Knowledge Fair and collected non-perishable. Proceedings went to the FCJ Refugee Centre.

Special Events

This program is the culmination of a term-long pedagogical effort to foster, connect, and consolidate interdisciplinary dialogues across the 5 courses at the NewONE Program (New College, University of Toronto). It is also part of a short-term mobile residency, based on the sustainable principles of sharing knowledge and resources, and the goal to foster interdisciplinary dialogues and new pedagogy across 4 institutions in Canada and in the US. Finally, the initiative is part of the FEMeeting SisterLabs series designed to support and lead to FEMeeting, a women and women-identified conference taking place on June 23-29 2024 at the University of Windsor.

Complete Program can be found here


Cecillia Ocharan Vilca — Peruvian transartist, feminist chola techno-witch, and language activist

Praba Pilar — diasporic Colombian interdisciplinary artist disrupting the overwhelmingly passive participation in the contemporary cult of the techno-logic

Nathalie Dubois  —  bioartist and plant science researcher based in Montreal, engaging in feminist acts of reconciliation with her non/human components