Schedule of Events

Monday, August 23

Welcome to New College & Life in Canada!

We’re excited to welcome New College Principal Bonnie McElhinny to speak about the college, its priorities, and values. We will also be introducing the New Journeys program, while also giving an introduction to living in Canada. We understand that your first few months as a student are not only about transitioning to U of T, but also about transitioning to a new life in Canada. We’ll spend this time discussing social norms, laws, regulations, weather, and opportunities.

Clue of T

Work with your teammates in an interactive tour around U of T’s St. George campus! You’ll be placed in a team where you need to solve riddles and puzzles to help guide your Toronto runner to the next key campus landmark. Whichever team gets to the destination first wins!

Tuesday, August 24

Academics at U of T

This session, led by Dr. Alexandra Guerson, will guide you on student expectations around courses, participation, academic integrity, and other academic norms at U of T. You will have a better understanding on what to expect and start your first semester here at U of T with confidence.

Neighbourhood Tour 1

Join us for an in-person social in a tour around one of Toronto’s many neighbourhoods.

Wednesday, August 25

Understanding Your Visa and UHIP

We’ve invited the advisors at the Centre for International Experience (CIE) to cover everything you need to know about your study permit and your University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). This will be crucial information for your time at U of T.

Online Board Game Showdown

This virtual opportunity will allow students and student leaders to play in virtual board games, chat about their experiences, and make important connections before the exciting year ahead.

Thursday, August 26

Financial Literacy 101

Setting up a bank account in a new country can be overwhelming. So we’re bringing in experts from the Royal Bank of Canada to help explain the different types of bank accounts available to international students and the uses and purposes of having a Canadian bank account. They will also guide you on what budgeting and financing your undergraduate years can look like.

Neighbourhood Tour 2

Join us for an in-person social in a tour around one of Toronto’s many neighbourhoods.

Friday, August 27

Why Should I Get Involved? What’s Next?

In this student panel, you will hear from upper year student leaders from various campus organizations, talking about how and why they personally got involved during their first year, what they have gained from their involvement, and details of the work from their student organization. Finally, we will introduce students to the New Roots Orientation, an exciting opportunity available to all New College students.

Meet Your Peer Leaders!

This session will introduce you to a key support in your first year and beyond, New College Head Peer Leaders. These U of T student leaders are here to support you in and throughout your undergraduate journey. Students will be able to meet with their Head Peer Leader and learn about how to get involved in the SPROUT Mentorship program.