What is Billeting? 

The billeting program allows incoming students living on residence and participating at Orientation 2019 to host an incoming commuter student for Orientation week (September 2 at 8:00AM to September 4 at 7:00PM). This program aims to make Orientation more commuter friendly, as well as allow commuter students to integrate themselves into the New College community. 

Apply early as spots are limited! Deadline to apply is August 26, 2019. 

Are you a residence student living in a single room? 

Apply for the billeting program here. 

As a residence student, we invite you to billet out your room, i.e.: share your room (single rooms only) with a commuter student from Monday, September 2 at 8:00AM to Wednesday, September 4 at 7:00PM. By filling out this application form (residence students only), you will be eligible to host a roommate that best meets your information provided, to ensure a quality match. 

Why Sign Up to Billet with a Commuter Student 

  • Help out your fellow incoming students – they’re a guaranteed friend for the week! Whether you need company during meals or need outfit advice for the ROM semi–formal, you have someone by your side! 
  • Experience having a roommate for three days (only residence students in single rooms can billet) 
  • Make friends with students living off-campus 
  • Be eligible for great prizes (i.e. book store gift cards)! 

Are you a commuter/off-campus student? 

Apply for the billeting program here.  

As a commuter student, we invite you to stay on campus during Orientation week with a residence student to maximize your time on campus while making friends and taking part in everything Orientation has to offer from morning to night.  By filling out this application form (commuter students only), you will be eligible to stay in a residence student’s room at New College. Please note, you are not guaranteed a spot until you receive a confirmation email from new.orientation@utoronto.ca

  • Commuter students that participate in this program are responsible for bringing their own sleeping bag and other necessities. 
  • Commuter students do not get access to the New College dining hall apart from Orientation funded meals. 

Why Sign Up to Stay in Residence 

  • Make the most of your Orientation experience as full day events run from 9 am – 10 pm 
  • Safely adjust to U of T before classes begin! 
  • Make friends in residence 
  • Make it easier to get ready for events, like our semi–formal, while having a place to keep your overnight bag