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New One: Learning without Borders is a first-year foundation program that provides a small-class learning experience for intellectually curious and socially engaged students. In New One you  will acquire key academic skills by exploring, questioning and deepening your understanding of aspects of your daily life that can easily be taken for granted — the food you eat, the languages that allow you to communicate with others, the technology that you can’t imagine living without and the role science plays in our everyday lives. New One provides you the opportunity not only to learn about the social relations that shape these familiar elements but also to reflect on the implications of the choices you and others make in relation to them. Together with your peers and professors, you will participate in conversations about what it means to be a responsible global citizen in the 21st century.

But why Learning without Borders?

First, New One is all about connections that cross and transcend borders. The topics of the New One courses — food, language, digital technology and science — all refer to elements that bring people together across borders and connect us around the globe. But they do so in ways that can both unite and divide us, in ways that are not necessarily fair or just. New One is the place to learn more about these connections and to find out what different communities are doing, for example, to bring about more equitable access to food or technology, what is the relationship between science and social justice, or to use language to express and build community.

Second, New One emphasizes learning.  The program offers opportunities for you to explore new experiences and different ways of seeing, to develop academic skills and creative thinking so that you can be successful in your undergraduate career and beyond, in a complex, rapidly changing, interconnected world.

In New One: Learning without Borders you will:

  • Learn beyond the borders of the classroom and build bridges with local communities. You will visit community sites and hear talks by community leaders, and in the process learn about what matters to different communities and how you can use your academic knowledge, experience and energies to make a difference.
  • Learn across the boundaries of academic disciplines. All four New One courses use an interdisciplinary approach. You will view topics from many different angles.
  • Learn in a variety of ways, both conventional and creative. With committed professors, talented peers, small classes and a range of assignments, you will explore different ways of learning, develop critical thinking, gain research skills and participate fully in a safe, supportive learning environment.
  • Learn from and share experiences with students from all levels of the university. Senior undergraduate and graduate students will visit the classrooms to tell you about opportunities for engagement, share their education experiences and impart their wisdom on how to get the most out of your undergraduate years.
  • Learn much more than just the content of your own New One course. You will participate in sessions where all New One students get together for common experiences and the exchange of ideas. If you are interested in more than one of the course topics, you can choose a second-term course different from your first term’s and still be part of the enriched program.
  • Learn key academic skills essential for your success at university and beyondNew One students have the opportunity to attend tailored workshops with university librarians and writing instructors. At New One you will not only learn how to evaluate different forms of knowledge – both popular and academic – but you will also learn how to present your findings to a wider audience. 

Are you ready for a life-changing experience?

To find out more about how to enroll in New One courses, see our check our eligibility and enrollment information page