Writing Plus: A comprehensive workshop series on all facets of the writing process.

Wanting to learn more about using sources effectively, organizing your paper, studying efficiently, revising your work, writing grammatical sentences?  Writing Plus addresses a wide range of writing, research and study skills. Other topics include giving oral presentations, writing application letters, and taking multiple choice exams.  Writing Plus is a joint project of all Arts & Science writing centres.


Writing Retreat posterThe New College Writing Retreat
Join us for a full day of writing. Learn writing strategies while getting your papers done!

This event takes place in November and March.



The Writing Room:  Our drop-in space

Open Thursday afternoons from early in the term. Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons during the busy final half of term. Work on your papers and receive feedback from a writing instructor. The Writing Room will reopen in September 2020.

Write Night
An evening of writing in a community of peers.  Writing instruction and snacks available.

This event takes place in November and March.


Caribbean, African and Equity Studies Writing Group
Meets every other Friday afternoon in the library with program, writing and library faculty.  Build motivation, stay productive, and meet other students in these New College programs, while you are getting your work done.

Writing Spaces
Meeting every Monday and Wednesday starting July 13.  Feeling isolated? Writing with a community helps you stay motivated to get your work done—and that’s our goal. Register now! 

write-for-pub-2017-january-jpegWriting for Publication Working Group 
Interested in publishing your first article?  We’ll walk you through the revision and submission process.
This mini-course will be offered in January 2020.  Check back in Nov/Dec of 2019.



Graduate School Scholarship Workshop

Find out about all of our grad and professional school application support.




Reconnect with your Writing PosterReconnect with your Writing!
In this session, we use a series of short writing prompts and activities to help you reclaim your writing.