Non-New College groups will not be able to book on weekends from Friday 6pm to Monday 9am.
Non-New College Groups looking to book on weekends can contact for more information.

ALL FIELDS MUST BE COMPLETED OR THE FORM WILL NOT BE SUBMITTED. Please note that all room booking request forms will take a minimum of 7 business days to process.

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Students requesting to book a room are not able to make any changes to the existing floor plan, unless otherwise arranged with the Office of Residence and Student Life, New College. A submitted request to change the floor plan of a room does not guarantee approval. I Agree.

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All New College Student Centre groups are required to submit a Risk Assessment Form with all New College room booking requests.




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Note that if a room is not selectable from the list below, it must be booked through the contact specified.

Classroom Meeting Spaces
Please note that all events using New College rooms will be required to complete a Risk Assessment Form. Please do not move or remove any furniture from meeting spaces.
WE 51A (27) - classroomWE 51B (27) - classroomWE 51C (27) - classroomWE 52 (36) - classroomWE 54A (18) - classroomWE 54B (15) - classroomWE 54C (24) - classroomWE 54D (25) - classroomWE 54E (26) - classroomWE 54F (28) - classroomWE 54G (28) - classroomWI 2002 (30) - meeting spaceWI 2007D (30) - meeting spaceWI 2008 (29) - classroom


Event Spaces: Contact
Please fill out a Risk Assessment Form, here, and the relevant Room Booking Form, and submit to the Office of Residence and Student Life, New College.


Bookings through Academic and Campus Events - Please book through
        WE 69 (20) - classroom
        WE 74 (25) - classroom
        WE 75 (26) - classroom
        WE 76 (20) - classroom
        WI 523 (60) - classroom
        WI 524 (70) - classroom
        WI 1016 (163) - classroom
        WI 1017 (118) - classroom
        WI 2006 (22) - classroom


Other Meeting Spaces
        WE 135A - meeting space (Michael Dixon Senior Common Room)
              Not generally bookable but requests considered on a case by case basis.
        G-100 - meeting space.
              Contact New College Student Council at