Caribbean Studies


Photo of people celebrating at Loiza, Puerto Rico, taken by Herminio Rodriguez

Established in 1995, Caribbean Studies is the only program in Canada with degrees specifically dedicated to the study of the Caribbean and its people. The program consists of courses in Caribbean history, literature and thought which deal with a wide range of issues including gender, religion, politics, culture, ethnicity, race, development, language, colonialism, environment and regional common markets. Students have the option of pursuing a formal course of study through different levels of specialization. There is a specialist program (ten specified courses), a major program (seven specified courses) and a minor program (four courses). Others may be chosen from a broad list of courses including those taught by the departments of Anthropology, English, History, Political Science, French or Spanish and Portuguese. The Caribbean Studies program has a close relationship with the Caribbean Studies Students’ Union (CARSSU). Members of CARSSU sit on the Caribbean Studies Program Advisory Committee and are in frequent contact with the program director.

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Caribbean Studies Students' Union

CARSSU is the student group representing undergraduate students studying Caribbean Studies at the University of Toronto

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