interior, Convocation Hall, University of Toronto

Making friends in big classes

by Aparajita Bandhari My first ever university class was BIO120, Monday morning in Convocation Hall. I remember walking into the building, yawning and bleary-eyed, and feeling utterly overwhelmed. Convocation Hall…read more

Interior, Royal Ontario Museum

Winter-full low-cost dates

by John Leung As the weather gets colder and our credit balance gets higher, we’re more likely to experience the “new year blues”. For most university students, January seems perfect…read more

New College Quad in the snow

A very New Christmas

by John Leung This past winter break, I experienced a different winter holiday than I am used to. I stayed in Toronto, in my residence, for the break instead of…read more

John Leung's U of T MythBusters

MythBusters: U of T version

by John Leung It’s official – I have survived my first term here at New College, University of Toronto! University has been very different than what I imagined. I definitely…read more

Chinese shipbuilding worker. (Ryan Pyle)

New and beyond

by John Leung Have you ever wondered what previous New students are doing now? Well, earlier in November, alumnus Ryan Pyle returned to talk about some of the projects he’s…read more

De-Stress Zone banner

The most wonderful time of the year?

by Aparajita Bhandari We’ve officially reached the month of December!  You all know what that means, right, New College? Gingerbread houses, snowball fights, lavishly decorated store windows and…exams? Yes, readers,…read more

I miss you this much image

Friendship 3,000 miles apart

When the close friends who know all your secrets are four provinces and a 5-hour plane ride away, it feels tough emotionally, mentally and physically.

breakfast plate

Freshman 15 hacks

by John Leung “Freshman 15″ refers to the belief that first-year university students will gain 15 pounds during their first school year. After talking with older university students and being…read more

45 Willcocks dorm room

An 18-year-old living the dream

by John Leung Some people may say that I am living the dream of an 18-year-old. I presently live in 45 Willcocks, New College’s newest residence building. Meanwhile my family…read more

Health & Wellness banner

Health is wealth: how to stay rich

by Aparajita Bhandari November brings with it the start of the holiday season, and winter break and Christmas seem almost close enough to touch. However, November also brings the second…read more

Rubin's vase illusion

Why do I need a brain?

Aparajita attends the first event in the inaugural New College Alumni Speaker series – Dr. Dave Hayes takes us on a rollercoaster ride across the intersections of neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, neurology and philosophy.

Monopoly theme, 45 Willcocks

I have a… don?

by John Leung When I moved into residence on a warm Saturday morning in September, I felt very confused for a long time. I was so puzzled because everyone kept…read more

Halloween jack o'lanterns

This is Halloween

by Aparajita Bhandari “Boys and girls of every age: Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?” —Tim Burton, “This is Halloween” October is always a rather frightening month for us…read more

Toronto sign, Nuit Blanche 2015

Discovering Nuit Blanche

by John Leung The Scotiabank Nuit Blanche is an annual evening art event held in Toronto. Lasting all night (from sunset on Saturday to dawn on Sunday), it features artwork…read more

mural on St George Street, Toronto

Nuit Blanche: But is it art?

by Aparajita Bhandari Before midterm season hit all of us full force, there was a little event in Toronto called Nuit Blanche which took place on October 3. For those…read more

Aparajita Bhandari and John Leung

Say hello to our 2015-16 student bloggers

Aparajita Bhandari and John Leung are this year’s contributors to the college’s student blog, The New. They will each be posting a blog a week on a whole host of topics. Get the New College student viewpoint – and join in the conversation yourself!

Mount Pokhara

Introducing Aparajita

By Aparajita Bhandari “Life starts over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald Hello, New College! Although spring is known to be the season of new…read more


Introducing John

by John Leung Welcome to U of T’s New College! My name is John Leung, and I am a first-year humanities student pursuing a Health Studies major. Prior to coming…read more

hands typing on keyboard

Work Study Opportunities – Become a New College Student Blogger

New College is currently looking for this year’s contributors for our student-run blog, The New. If you are creative, passionate and committed, then we want to hear from you – including students whose first language isn’t English. Applications deadline is 21 September.

Toronto cityscape

Hannah’s goodbye

Well, New – I can’t believe it, but it’s here! This is my goodbye post. I finished my exams and papers a little while ago, so this post is not only my…read more

Mina at a snowball fight; Mina dancing; Mina wearing a costume

Mina’s Goodbye

The end has come. This year has passed by so quickly. Writing for The New has been an incredibly rewarding and amazing experience. I learned so much and got to…read more

A parader at Caribana

What To Do With Four Months Off

By Mina Todosijevic Summer break during university is a time like no other. Rarely are we given four whole months with no responsibilities on blind trust that we’re going to…read more

Students' painted hands

My Undergrad in Photos

By Hannah It’s officially nearing the end. Once this post has been published, I will have completed all of the work for my undergrad degree. In celebration/some kind of nostalgic…read more

A Golden Retriever puppy

Pre-Exam Jams

By Mina Todosijevic Exams are coming up soon! One of the downsides of having a huge campus like U of T St. George is a lack of centralized resources listing pre-exam…read more

Goliath Gnu and a silver fox

A New Look for New College?

By Mina Todosijevic Ever since New College celebrated its 50th anniversary a few years ago, there’s been a lot of friendly joking around campus that the College is no longer…read more

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