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Reference Letters: The Untaught Protocol

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  If you have no reason to ask for a reference letter anytime soon, you’re probably wondering what could be so hard about asking a professor for a recommendation.

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Commuting Cheat Sheet PART 2

by Erica Ly.  At furst blush it might not seem that way, but there are some positives among the frustrations of commuting.

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The 5 Stages of Winter

by Lakshmi Sadhu  Experiencing winter in Toronto after growing up in a country where it’s hot all year round.

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The Switch

by Lakshmi Sadhu  When I first moved to Canada, I would find myself switching to an alarmingly different accent whenever I spoke to anyone other than my family, or friends from back home in India or Dubai.

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The Grinch’s Guide to Christmas

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  There’s something more potent than the flu stalking the streets. Symptoms include uncontrollable bursts of shopping, spasmodic episodes of carolling and, in really severe cases, decorating your porch with ginormous wreaths.

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Meditation: More Than Just a Stress-Buster

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  People either assume meditation is arcane or that they can’t meditate because of their inability to sit still for more than a few minutes – both notions couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Why is Everyone Sick?! (And How Can I Avoid It?)

by Erica Ly.  The soundtrack of fall: leaves crunching, the downpour of rain drops on the sidewalk, oh, and coughing – a lot of it. It isn’t even flu season yet, so what’s the deal?

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Philosophy: The Art of Living

by Lakshmi Sadhu.   To those with absolutely no experience in philosophy, it may come across as a rather obscure and esoteric academic discipline. I’ve been asked just what sort of employment I could possibly hope to secure with such a degree.

Joseph Rotman sign, U of T

Stereotypes and Canada’s #1 Business School

by Erica Ly.   Time travel back to end of high school, senior year. It is undeniable that when you told someone what program you were deciding to pursue, there was some kind of extreme reaction.

Crop of Beesley Nuit Blanche artwork

All-night Art: Nuit Blanche 2016

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  It truly was a sight to behold. From dusk until the wee hours of dawn on October 1, hordes of caffeine-fuelled aficionados prowled the streets of Toronto looking for their next fix. In this case their drug of choice was art.

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Introducing Lakshmi

by Lakshmi Sadhu Greetings, fellow New Collegians! My name is Lakshmi Sadhu, and I am THE NEW blogger for The New! I am also quite proud of that pun. Someone…read more


Introducing Erica

by Erica Ly It’s as if summer vacation had just ended yesterday. Back when we were (read: are still) struggling to re-establish a working sleep schedule, while debating after finishing…read more

John Leung at New College Orientation 2015

John bids The New goodbye

by John Leung Well, New, this is it: my final blog post. I am shocked by how fast this year went by. Mentally, I still feel like an 8-year-old boy…read more

cup of coffee

Confessions of a coffee-aholic

by Aparajita Bhandari “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” -T.S. Eliot Coffee, as everyone knows, is a fundamental part of the student diet. Since starting university my…read more


Adventures of a germophobe

by John Leung Last year, I attended Sutherland Secondary, a high school in North Vancouver with a student population of 850. I transitioned to U of T which has a…read more

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