Google's Pac-Man game

The Wonderful World of Google

By Mina Todosijevic I set out with the intention of making this post academic and “useful”, as a resource for researching articles. However, I very quickly got distracted by the…read more

People running (Photo Credit: Warein)

Healthy Living: Exercise

By Mina Todosijevic Finally! Part two of the Healthy Living mini-series, which began with a post on food and nutrition. In addition to eating well, regular exercise has many often-overlooked…read more

A photo taken from a ski lift

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

By Mina Todosijevic As the semester inches to an end, daydreams about road trips and travel replace my otherwise-essay-filled thoughts. There is no better time to take a road trip…read more

A still taken from a video of a dog in a store

The Study-Break Masterpost

By Mina Todosijevic In the mess of stress that is the last week of classes, sometimes we need to get our minds off school completely. To help you with this,…read more

Soup being served at a shelter

Volunteer Opportunities on Campus

By Hannah I have always been a firm believer that volunteering is something that is incredibly important, and its benefits reach far beyond being another bullet point on your resume.…read more

An image of a ghost.

Haunted Happenings at U of T

By Mina Todosijevic  Ghost stories have always interested me. I wouldn’t say I believed in ghosts or spirits until sometime midway through high school, when a banging sound from the…read more

Mina, Student Blogger

Introducing Mina

By Mina Hi, my name is Mina. I’m a third-year sociology major and I’m really excited to be contributing to this blog. I’m from the west end of Mississauga, but…read more

Hannah standing on a cliff by the ocean

Introducing: Hannah

By Hannah Hi New!!! I hope this post finds you happy and with your stress at a minimum—though I know it is essay and midterm season. My name is Hannah…read more



By Demi Lee Habits and routines can be really hard to let go of. Once we allow ourselves to cohere to a pattern, disrupting it can make us feel really…read more


A New Goodbye

By Samia Tasmim Here we are, at my final post of the term. Oddly enough, this is one of those cases where my mind virtually went blank when I started writing…read more


New in Niagara

By Samia Tasmim We are fully in exam mode right now. Yet, the gorgeous weather makes me daydream of the places I’ll soon be visiting in the summer. In fact,…read more


The FLC Experience

By Samia Tasmim As The New blogger, I always get to interview awesome people. So last week, I came across four “FLCees” as they are affectionately called. FLC stands for…read more


I Love Summer

By Demi Lee If you haven’t noticed by the lingering smell of fertilizer around campus, the weather is fortunately turning around—in fact, at the time of writing this entry, spring…read more