Starter Kits, Perfect Fits

There are a great many unique individuals here at NEW. But it begs the question: What exactly is the “typical New College student”?

Hardcore Origin Stories: Leaders of the New

We as a college pride ourselves on our community… I’m going to focus on the various leaders that make up New College: what they do, why they do it, how they got started, and how you can join them.

NEW Horizons: How To Better Explore Campus

When you spend so much time in one spot, you can begin to lose sight of just how much is out there. UofT’s campus is a sprawling mini-metropolis…it’s worth taking a look around.

The NEW blogger Sarim

Introducing Sarim

The year is 2004. A young boy is given his first ever creative writing assignment, and he has an idea.

Now Hiring: Student Blogger

Are you a New College student who is creative, inquisitive, and has a love for writing? Then we have the job for you!

"NCQC" in white over a rainbow on a pink background.

The NEW Queer Collective: NCQC

New College has a brand-new queer collective, and student blogger Sarah investigated. Spoiler alert: they’re awesome!

Graffiti on a New York wall with a poster saying ""In a Society That Profits from your Self Doubt, Liking Yourself is a Rebellious Act."

Body Fat: And What about It?

Struggling with body-image issues? Student blogger Sarah does too, and she’s looking to open up the conversation.

A Better Morning Coffee

Shailee rounds up three campus coffee spots where you can get a cup you can feel good about.

Cozy library with stained glass windows and lots of students.

A Love Letter to Libraries

Student Blogger Sarah reminds us of what a public library does for the people — so have you renewed your library card this year?

Outstretched arm that has a world map tattooed onto it

Where Are You From?

Student blogger Teah Pelechaty takes a look at the implications of a seemingly everyday question.

Dig In! sign in garden

Fresh Veggies and Summer Sun: The Dig In! Exclusive

Urban agriculture is a great way to connect with your city, and it’s happening right here on campus. Student Blogger Sarah attends a Dig In! gardening evening and reports back on the benefits of growing your own food.