What is a First Year Learning Community?

First Year Learning Communities consist of groups of students who come together to create communities of learners. The 25-30 students in each learning community take two or three courses in common, belong to the same college or program, and meet regularly from September to April. Meetings are facilitated by an upper-year student peer mentor, under the guidance of a staff member and faculty advisor. 

Why Join?

First-Year Learning Communities (FLCs, pronounced “flicks”) make it easier to find your way around, make friends, form study groups, develop skills, and succeed academically. FLCs enhance the way you learn and help you connect to your university community.  

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

 The FLC program offers “flicks” in these areas: Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Economics, Humanities, Life Science, Mathematics, Rotman Commerce, and Social Science.  

Space is Limited! Please visit the FLC website for further information on how to apply.