SPROUT E-Mentorship & Mentorship 

SPROUT Mentorship, part of the First Year Experience program, is one of the biggest mentorship programs at New College and is designed especially with commuter students in mind! As an incoming student, you will have access to an upper-year SPROUT E-Mentor who is available via email and can answer questions, and guide you throughout the summer, orientation and beyond! Your SPROUT E-Mentor will help you transition to life at New and the University of Toronto, long before you arrive. They will connect you into great opportunities to meet people, get involved, or continue into a deeper SPROUT mentorship experience once the school year begins. 

After the summer ends and your classes begin, you can sign up to continue SPROUT mentorship with a SPROUT Mentor. Your mentor will regularly stay in touch with you during the year and host monthly (or more) meetings. 

The SPROUT Mentorship program is invested in your personal growth. We believe in helping you sprout where you’re planted, regardless of your skills or aspirations, we are determined to help you grow and flourish here at New College. 

Register for SPROUT Mentorship: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=JsKqeAMvTUuQN7RtVsVSEMe8GyDL295Mu67iGhmfx2VUQUVVODJWME03R1hKRkFKVDFBWjZCUElMVy4u

SPROUT Mentors

SPROUT Mentors are upper-year student leaders that provide support for incoming students who are part of the SPROUT Mentorship Program. They meet monthly with their mentees individually throughout the year while supporting the year-long transition into University.

All incoming students are enrolled in SPROUT E-Mentorship, but New Roots Orientation and SPROUT Mentorship is optional and requires registration. After orientation, students who live in residence will have the dedicated support of their Dons, and commuter students will stay connected to the First Year Experience through their Commuter Advisors and/or Mentors. 

Commuter Advisors 

When you join New College as a commuter student, you will also have the support of your Commuter Advisors. Throughout the year, Commuter Advisors—with lots of help from the College—will organize events and activities for you to continue to grow, build your skills, and meet new people! 


If you have any questions about SPROUT, your Commuter Advisor, or how to get more involved, send an email to new.studentlife@utoronto.ca! All incoming students will have access to the First Year Experience at New Quercus page with more information. If you do not have access to the page, please email us as soon as possible.

For Upper Year New College Students: 

If you are interested in leadership opportunities supporting First Year Experience (including New Roots Orientation and SPROUT Mentorship), please visit our get involved or hiring page.