For incoming New College Students:



SPROUT, part of the First Year Experience program, is one of the biggest mentorship programs at New College and is designed especially with commuter students in mind! As an incoming student, you will be paired with an upper-year mentor—a Peer Leader, or PL for short!—who will guide you through orientation and will help you transition to life at New and at U of T.

The SPROUT program is invested in your personal growth. We believe in helping you sprout where you’re planted, so that no matter what your skills are and no matter what your aspirations are, we are determined to help you grow and flourish here at New College.


Peer Leaders

Your Peer Leader (PL) will be there for you during your whole first year. They will organize hangouts and events, and will check-in on you to ensure you have everything you need to succeed. Our PLs are your go-to campus expert, everything from how to access the Library website to where to go for extra help in your courses.

Our PLs support all three phases of the First Year Experience program: the eMentorship Program (a biweekly newsletter titled My New Roots sent during the summer months), traditional Orientation (New Roots), and the peer mentorship program in the fall/winter terms (SPROUT). All incoming students are enrolled in eMentorship and SPROUT, but New Roots is optional. After orientation, students who live in residence will have the dedicated support of their Don instead of a PL.


Houses & the Commuter Cup

When you join New College as a commuter student, you will also be divided into one of our three Houses: Ray, Bolt, or Oak. Throughout the year, the PLs and our senior student leaders—with lots of help from the College—will organize events and activities for you to continue to grow, build your skills, and earn points toward the Commuter Cup!

The Commuter Cup is awarded annually to the House that is the most engaged. Think of it as a reward for the House that shows the strongest commitment to growth and learning. Here at New, all competitions are friendly—but bragging rights are still pretty great. Students living in residence are welcome to attend SPROUT events; however, only the attendance of commuter students will count toward the Commuter Cup.



If you have any questions about SPROUT, about your House, about the Commuter Cup, or even how to get more involved, send an email to!

For Upper Year New College Students: 


Getting Involved as a Peer Leader 


The New College First Year Experience program is a three part program which connects current New College students with incoming students. Over the summer, Peer Leaders (PLs) participate in an online mentorship component connecting incoming students with resources and answering questions they have leading up to their arrival. During late August and early September, PLs will lead students in our different orientation programs, including New Roots, New Journeys: International Welcome, and IGNITE. From September to April, PLs will lead the peer mentorship program where they will be paired with first year students. PLs are a critical part of the First Year Experience program, as they are one of the first points of contact for incoming New College students, helping to familiarize them with our community!

The program runs from May to April and you DO NOT need to be in Toronto for the summer to participate.


General Requirements

To be eligible for a Peer Leader positions, applicants must:

  1. Have completed at least one year of full time undergraduate study at the University of Toronto;
  2. Commit to the New College Mentorship Program for the academic year;
  3. Be in good academic standing at the time of application;
  4. abide by the Student Code of Conduct, as Peer Mentors will be considered ambassadors of New College.


eMentorship Component Requirements (Summer)

To meet the expectations of the Peer Leader role, successful applicants must:

  1. Have internet access over the summer;
  2. Complete the eMentorship Training (in person or online);
  3. Complete biweekly Mentor Biography entries;
  4. Complete the biweekly Mentor Tracking Document.


Peer Mentorship Component Requirements (Academic Year)

To meet the expectations of the Peer Leader role, successful applicants must:

  1. Review the Peer Mentorship Handbook;
  2. Attend New College Peer Mentorship training and Student Life Peer Mentorship Training;
  3. Schedule and attend at least one hangout with Mentees per month;
  4. Attend a minimum of three mentorship developmental sessions hosted by ORSL;
  5. Develop a relationship of trust and respect with each of their Mentees;
  6. Provide comprehensive referrals of students to appropriate campus resources as necessary and communicate all referrals to ORSL;
  7. Support Mentee(s) in finding and engaging in academic, social, and personal developmental opportunities on campus;
  8. Submit monthly reports on the Mentorship experience (and content of conversations) to ORSL.