Living Learning Communities (LLC) are designed to foster the academic, professional, and personal growth of residents and provide opportunities for the development of new skills and leadership.

New College LLC Summary


Our Gender‐Inclusive Communities (which includes our 3 LLCs) are located in all three of our buildings, they bring together first‐year and upper‐year students from all programs and areas of interest. These communities have gender‐inclusive washrooms with individually lockable shower/bath cubicles and toilet stalls.

Single-Gender (Men or Women)

Our Single‐Gendered Communities also bring together first‐year and upper‐year students from all programs and areas of interest, but in an exclusively single‐gendered environment.

The men-identifying floor is located in 45 Willcocks and the two women-identifying floors are located in Wilson Hall and Wetmore Hall.

Life (+) Science (L+S)

Our Life (+) Science Learning Community brings together students in a Life Sciences program, or who have an interest in life sciences, health, or becoming a healthcare professional. This residential community strives for balance where residents are not only able to engage with college life but also gain academic and social support tailored for students studying or interested in Life Sciences. This community is supported by a specially selected Residence Don with an academic background in either Life Science or Healthcare studies and features programming tailored to the needs of Life Science students.

Located in Wilson Hall.

Innovation & Technology (iTECH)

The Innovation & Technology (iTECH) Learning Community brings together those first‐year and upper‐year students committed to innovation and technology in their academic programs. This LLC is designed to attract those students who simply have a passion for technological innovation. This community is supported by a specially selected residence don with such a background, and who understand the pressures associated with a degree in the STEM fields.

Located in Wetmore Hall.

Sustainability, Access, and Equity (SAE)

Sustainability, Access, and Equity (SAE) Learning Community will have the opportunity to be a part of a truly unique community and engage in thought provoking programming opportunities. This community is designed for students who are interested in issues of equity as it relates to social identities such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, socioeconomic class, national origin, education, citizenship, (dis)ability, etc. and who wish to develop their understanding of these issues within a broader perspective of justice, sustainability, and community development. Programming in this community promotes participation in the New College Community and the wider University and Toronto communities and practical experiences in a variety of settings.

Located in 45 Willcocks.