New College accommodation is comprehensive – including a full meal plan, utilities and internet. All fees for residence will be posted to your ACORN account.

The fees for 2020-2021 range from $15,120 to 16,290 (pending final approval) depending on the residence hall and compulsory meal plan. Please review Schedule “B” – Occupancy Fee Rates in the Code of Conduct here for detailed information.

These fees are paid in 2 installments. The first instalment of residence fees is due in full by September 30. The final payment is due November 30 (January 31 for students with OSAP).

All payments are to be made through a Canadian financial institution. Invoices are available through ACORN. We regret that the our office cannot process residence fee payments.

Any outstanding balance on your account is subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% per month compounded (19.56% per annum), beginning October 15.

Wilson and Wetmore Halls 45 Willcocks
Single Room Single Room
Lite $15,120 $15,645
Standard $15,765 $16,290