Every year, the University of Toronto honours exceptional volunteer engagement from its alumni and friends with the Arbor Awards, acknowledging the invaluable contributions alumni volunteers make to the university’s mission of meeting global challenges and preparing global citizens. The Arbor Award can be granted for contributions to specific academic units or to the University of Toronto at large. Sponsored by University Advancement, the award ceremony for 2018 took place on October 15. 

We congratulate our four New College recipients, Brian Baker, Dr. Alex Cheng, Dr. Leslie Goldenberg and Rajh Seenath. Thank you for so generously giving of your time and expertise, and for making this community shine.

Brian Baker, Rajh Seenath, Alex Cheng, and Leslie Goldenberg

From left to right: Brian Baker, Rajh Seenath, Alex Cheng, and Leslie Goldenberg


About Our Recipients


Dr. Alex Cheng

In 2011, Dr. Cheng returned to his alma mater to support the New College Career Mentorship program, a program in which he participated as a student. Students interested in a career in medicine described Dr. Cheng’s support and assistance as invaluable in helping them consider their next steps toward making their goal a reality.

Dr. Cheng graduated from New College in 2007 with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. He obtained an MD at U of T in 2011.

Brian Baker

Brian Baker has generously supported the New College Career Mentorship program, from which he himself benefited as a student, by very openly sharing his knowledge and experience with third- and fourth-year students interested in exploring careers in journalism and media relations. Given the changing face of this professional field, students have appreciated connecting with Brian Baker to understand in real time how to acquire the academic and relevant practical experience to prepare them for their professional futures. His honesty and transparency have been well noted by students.

Brian Baker obtained his Honours Bachelor of Arts from New College. In 2012, his sports column, “Game Fixer” was nominated for Columnist of the Year with the OCNA (Ontario Community Newspapers Association) Better Newspaper Awards.

Rajh Seenath

For more than five years Rajh Seenath, a 2005 graduate of New College, has served as a mentor in the New College Career Mentorship program. Students considering entering the profession of business analyst have welcomed the opportunity to connect with and learn from Rajh. In addition to his volunteer service as a mentor, we acknowledge Rajh’s outstanding contributions as a recruiter for the program. He has promoted and successfully recruited fellow alumni to participate in the program.

Rajh earned an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and obtained a Master of Applied Statistics at Macquarie University.

Dr. Leslie Goldenberg

Dr. Goldenberg joined the New College Career Mentorship program in 2012 to share his time and expertise with students exploring careers in medicine. His students are fascinated by the time he takes to listen and provide guidance and suggestions to them. His mentees also have the opportunity to spend time with him and his staff at his clinic, observe his interactions with patients and accompany him to conferences and medical forums, providing them with the kind of exposure they cannot access in the classroom. In addition, students tend to comment on the fabulous restaurants to which Dr. Goldenberg takes them for conversations. They feel inspired by his generosity with both his time and his resources.

Dr. Goldenberg completed his Bachelor of Science degree in 1971 and his medical degree in 1975. He is a geriatric internist and the founder of the Walking Mobility clinics in the GTA and surroundings.