"NCQC" in white over a rainbow on a pink background.

The NEW Queer Collective: NCQC

New College has a brand-new queer collective, and student blogger Sarah investigated. Spoiler alert: they’re awesome!

Graffiti on a New York wall with a poster saying ""In a Society That Profits from your Self Doubt, Liking Yourself is a Rebellious Act."

Body Fat: And What about It?

Struggling with body-image issues? Student blogger Sarah does too, and she’s looking to open up the conversation.

A Better Morning Coffee

Shailee rounds up three campus coffee spots where you can get a cup you can feel good about.

Cozy library with stained glass windows and lots of students.

A Love Letter to Libraries

Student Blogger Sarah reminds us of what a public library does for the people — so have you renewed your library card this year?

Outstretched arm that has a world map tattooed onto it

Where Are You From?

Student blogger Teah Pelechaty takes a look at the implications of a seemingly everyday question.

Dig In! sign in garden

Fresh Veggies and Summer Sun: The Dig In! Exclusive

Urban agriculture is a great way to connect with your city, and it’s happening right here on campus. Student Blogger Sarah attends a Dig In! gardening evening and reports back on the benefits of growing your own food.

A green bowl filled with lentils and vegetables, garnished with parsley.

Yum on a Budget

by Sarah Nathanson. Sarah misses her family’s cooking, but she’s finally tamed the kitchen! Use her mistakes, and what she’s learned from them, to move away from scrambled eggs for dinner.

Two people dancing the tango against a grey background.

Your TO-Do List This Summer

by Sarah Nathanson. If you’re sitting in bed, unhappily watching Friends reruns on Netflix, use the recommendations in this post as an excuse to get up: here are the coolest (and cheapest) activities in the city.

Man holding a brown briefcase and a business newspaper, leaning against a wall with a shelf with a plant behind him.

Clumsily Adulting: How to Get a Summer Job

by Sarah Nathanson. Are you a student looking for the summer job of your dreams? Are you just trying to fill your time and/or pay rent? In this first installment of “Clumsily Adulting,” Sarah gives you some tips on how to feel out the job market.

bus on city street blog feature image

Happily Ever After…?

by Erica Ly,  So how did the balancing of 9AM to 9PM classes and my six-hour daily commute really turn out?

Anthony Gormley drawing from Red Earth series

Dear Me.

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  An open letter of advice to my 18-year-old self.


Keeping the Faith: When East Meets West

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  Corporeal as we are, visiting a physical place of worship is sometimes beneficial for reminding ourselves of our spiritual priorities, and for both stoking and keeping the faith.

Toronto Light Festival logo

Toronto Light Festival – Highlights!

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  A free open-air light art event taking place in the Distillery District until March 12 to provide an escape from the dark and dreary days of winter.

luxury house with swimming pool

What would you do with $1 million?

by Erica Ly.  Upgrade from pack ramen to “the good” cup ramen? Pay back student loans? Travel around the world? Here are some of the most normal and craziest things people have done with millions of dollars – which do you agree with?

dragon boat teams in the water from above

The One Sport You Need to Try Before Graduating

by Erica Ly  From getting a proper workout and developing better discipline, to dunking your coaches in fountains in celebration, here’s why Dragon Boating may be the answer to your extracurricular fascinations.

Professor tossing papers in the air

Reference Letters: The Untaught Protocol

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  If you have no reason to ask for a reference letter anytime soon, you’re probably wondering what could be so hard about asking a professor for a recommendation.

commuters squashed together on a train

Commuting Cheat Sheet PART 2

by Erica Ly.  At furst blush it might not seem that way, but there are some positives among the frustrations of commuting.

Animated GIF of snow falling on a park walkway at night

The 5 Stages of Winter

by Lakshmi Sadhu  Experiencing winter in Toronto after growing up in a country where it’s hot all year round.

image blending Indian and Canadian flags

The Switch

by Lakshmi Sadhu  When I first moved to Canada, I would find myself switching to an alarmingly different accent whenever I spoke to anyone other than my family, or friends from back home in India or Dubai.

Animated gif of woman grabbing a decorated Christmas tree and carrying it away

The Grinch’s Guide to Christmas

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  There’s something more potent than the flu stalking the streets. Symptoms include uncontrollable bursts of shopping, spasmodic episodes of carolling and, in really severe cases, decorating your porch with ginormous wreaths.

small monkey appearing to meditate

Meditation: More Than Just a Stress-Buster

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  People either assume meditation is arcane or that they can’t meditate because of their inability to sit still for more than a few minutes – both notions couldn’t be further from the truth.

gif of baby sneezing repeatedly

Why is Everyone Sick?! (And How Can I Avoid It?)

by Erica Ly.  The soundtrack of fall: leaves crunching, the downpour of rain drops on the sidewalk, oh, and coughing – a lot of it. It isn’t even flu season yet, so what’s the deal?

Become Enlightened animated gif

Philosophy: The Art of Living

by Lakshmi Sadhu.   To those with absolutely no experience in philosophy, it may come across as a rather obscure and esoteric academic discipline. I’ve been asked just what sort of employment I could possibly hope to secure with such a degree.

Joseph Rotman sign, U of T

Stereotypes and Canada’s #1 Business School

by Erica Ly.   Time travel back to end of high school, senior year. It is undeniable that when you told someone what program you were deciding to pursue, there was some kind of extreme reaction.

Crop of Beesley Nuit Blanche artwork

All-night Art: Nuit Blanche 2016

by Lakshmi Sadhu.  It truly was a sight to behold. From dusk until the wee hours of dawn on October 1, hordes of caffeine-fuelled aficionados prowled the streets of Toronto looking for their next fix. In this case their drug of choice was art.


Introducing Erica

by Erica Ly.  It’s as if summer vacation had just ended yesterday.

John Leung at New College Orientation 2015

John bids The New goodbye

by John Leung Well, New, this is it: my final blog post. I am shocked by how fast this year went by. Mentally, I still feel like an 8-year-old boy…read more

cup of coffee

Confessions of a coffee-aholic

by Aparajita Bhandari “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” -T.S. Eliot Coffee, as everyone knows, is a fundamental part of the student diet. Since starting university my…read more


Adventures of a germophobe

by John Leung Last year, I attended Sutherland Secondary, a high school in North Vancouver with a student population of 850. I transitioned to U of T which has a…read more


Venturing out of the ivory tower

by Aparajita Bhandari Reaching out from the ivory tower Universities are amazing places of scholarship and innovation but they can also be very insular and exclusive communities. I’ve recently realized…read more

Chester Hill Lookout, Toronto

Unique destinations in The 6

Toronto has fantastic sightseeing destinations available, ranging from Niagara Falls to Ripley’s Aquarium to the CN Tower. Big tourist attractions often capture the interest of visitors and locals. This has…read more

interior, Convocation Hall, University of Toronto

Making friends in big classes

by Aparajita Bandhari My first ever university class was BIO120, Monday morning in Convocation Hall. I remember walking into the building, yawning and bleary-eyed, and feeling utterly overwhelmed. Convocation Hall…read more

Interior, Royal Ontario Museum

Winter-full low-cost dates

by John Leung As the weather gets colder and our credit balance gets higher, we’re more likely to experience the “new year blues”. For most university students, January seems perfect…read more

New College Quad in the snow

A very New Christmas

by John Leung This past winter break, I experienced a different winter holiday than I am used to. I stayed in Toronto, in my residence, for the break instead of…read more

John Leung's U of T MythBusters

MythBusters: U of T version

by John Leung It’s official – I have survived my first term here at New College, University of Toronto! University has been very different than what I imagined. I definitely…read more

Chinese shipbuilding worker. (Ryan Pyle)

New and beyond

by John Leung Have you ever wondered what previous New students are doing now? Well, earlier in November, alumnus Ryan Pyle returned to talk about some of the projects he’s…read more

De-Stress Zone banner

The most wonderful time of the year?

by Aparajita Bhandari We’ve officially reached the month of December!  You all know what that means, right, New College? Gingerbread houses, snowball fights, lavishly decorated store windows and…exams? Yes, readers,…read more

I miss you this much image

Friendship 3,000 miles apart

When the close friends who know all your secrets are four provinces and a 5-hour plane ride away, it feels tough emotionally, mentally and physically.

breakfast plate

Freshman 15 hacks

by John Leung “Freshman 15” refers to the belief that first-year university students will gain 15 pounds during their first school year. After talking with older university students and being…read more

45 Willcocks dorm room

An 18-year-old living the dream

by John Leung Some people may say that I am living the dream of an 18-year-old. I presently live in 45 Willcocks, New College’s newest residence building. Meanwhile my family…read more

Health & Wellness banner

Health is wealth: how to stay rich

by Aparajita Bhandari November brings with it the start of the holiday season, and winter break and Christmas seem almost close enough to touch. However, November also brings the second…read more

Rubin's vase illusion

Why do I need a brain?

Aparajita attends the first event in the inaugural New College Alumni Speaker series – Dr. Dave Hayes takes us on a rollercoaster ride across the intersections of neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, neurology and philosophy.

Monopoly theme, 45 Willcocks

I have a… don?

by John Leung When I moved into residence on a warm Saturday morning in September, I felt very confused for a long time. I was so puzzled because everyone kept…read more

Halloween jack o'lanterns

This is Halloween

by Aparajita Bhandari “Boys and girls of every age: Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?” —Tim Burton, “This is Halloween” October is always a rather frightening month for us…read more

Toronto sign, Nuit Blanche 2015

Discovering Nuit Blanche

by John Leung The Scotiabank Nuit Blanche is an annual evening art event held in Toronto. Lasting all night (from sunset on Saturday to dawn on Sunday), it features artwork…read more

mural on St George Street, Toronto

Nuit Blanche: But is it art?

by Aparajita Bhandari Before midterm season hit all of us full force, there was a little event in Toronto called Nuit Blanche which took place on October 3. For those…read more

Aparajita Bhandari and John Leung

Say hello to our 2015-16 student bloggers

Aparajita Bhandari and John Leung are this year’s contributors to the college’s student blog, The New. They will each be posting a blog a week on a whole host of topics. Get the New College student viewpoint – and join in the conversation yourself!

Mount Pokhara

Introducing Aparajita

By Aparajita Bhandari “Life starts over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald Hello, New College! Although spring is known to be the season of new…read more


Introducing John

by John Leung Welcome to U of T’s New College! My name is John Leung, and I am a first-year humanities student pursuing a Health Studies major. Prior to coming…read more

hands typing on keyboard

Work Study Opportunities – Become a New College Student Blogger

New College is currently looking for this year’s contributors for our student-run blog, The New. If you are creative, passionate and committed, then we want to hear from you – including students whose first language isn’t English. Applications deadline is 21 September.

Toronto cityscape

Hannah’s goodbye

Well, New – I can’t believe it, but it’s here! This is my goodbye post. I finished my exams and papers a little while ago, so this post is not only my…read more

Mina at a snowball fight; Mina dancing; Mina wearing a costume

Mina’s Goodbye

The end has come. This year has passed by so quickly. Writing for The New has been an incredibly rewarding and amazing experience. I learned so much and got to…read more

A parader at Caribana

What To Do With Four Months Off

By Mina Todosijevic Summer break during university is a time like no other. Rarely are we given four whole months with no responsibilities on blind trust that we’re going to…read more

Students' painted hands

My Undergrad in Photos

By Hannah It’s officially nearing the end. Once this post has been published, I will have completed all of the work for my undergrad degree. In celebration/some kind of nostalgic…read more

A Golden Retriever puppy

Pre-Exam Jams

By Mina Todosijevic Exams are coming up soon! One of the downsides of having a huge campus like U of T St. George is a lack of centralized resources listing pre-exam…read more

Goliath Gnu and a silver fox

A New Look for New College?

By Mina Todosijevic Ever since New College celebrated its 50th anniversary a few years ago, there’s been a lot of friendly joking around campus that the College is no longer…read more

Dealing with Competition

By Hannah Competition is a big part of going to U of T. It is competitive to get into, and once you do get in, the competition seems to build…read more

Rockwood Conservation Area

Spring Trips and Getaways

By Mina Todosijevic After a terrible winter, the sun is finally out, the birds are chirping and peace has been restored to the kingdom. The coinciding of spring with the…read more

Laptop and books on a desk

Study Styles: Tested and Debunked

By Hannah I am going to start this post off with the cliché “oh-my-gosh-where-has-the-time-gone” classic. This semester has just flown by. It’s now the middle of March, and you know…read more

Students on front campus

Memorable Moments at U of T

By Mina Todosijevic At the risk of being cliche, university is a time when you make so many memories and go through a multitude of formative and fantastic experiences. I…read more

A supposed UFO flying in the sky

Alien Conspiracy Theories

By Mina Todosijevic Since midterms have paused temporarily, there’s finally some time to indulge in some good old procrastination. And on that note, please enjoy these fantastic alien conspiracy theories.…read more

The waterfront in Copenhagen, Denmark

Budget Travel Tips!

By Hannah Almost every student I talk to wants to travel, but doesn’t think they can afford it. While travelling can be expensive, with ample time and prep work it…read more

A photo of a cluttered desk

Putting Bio-Hacking to the Test

I embarked on a mission to test out some of Dr. Greg Wells’ bio-hacking methods to see how they would affect my mood, concentration and health.

Graduands at convocation

Real Talk: Graduation

By Hannah I’ve avoided this topic for a long time, so let’s just cut to the chase. This blog post is about the scariest thing I am going to do…read more

Sunset in Barcelona

Exchange Programs at U of T

By Mina Todosijevic “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only the first page.” -St. Augustine Travelling is something all to itself. Whether you’ve been…read more

Google's Pac-Man game

The Wonderful World of Google

By Mina Todosijevic I set out with the intention of making this post academic and “useful”, as a resource for researching articles. However, I very quickly got distracted by the…read more

People running (Photo Credit: Warein)

Healthy Living: Exercise

By Mina Todosijevic Finally! Part two of the Healthy Living mini-series, which began with a post on food and nutrition. In addition to eating well, regular exercise has many often-overlooked…read more