Human Biology Website:

The Human Biology programs focus on areas of biological science relevant to humans, providing an integrated foundation in life sciences (Faculty of Arts and Science) and health sciences (taught by departments in the Faculty of Medicine). There are three Specialist Programs (fifteen credits each) which include courses from the social sciences and humanities as well as sciences: Genes, Genetics and Biotechnology; Health and Disease; Human Behavioural Biology. There is also a Major Program (eight credits) in Life Science.

The Human Biology Student Union (HBSU) offers a range of services such as an exam library, career nights and social functions. All students in the program are invited to participate in HBSU activities.

Application: Students are admitted to the Human Biology programs after completing at least four credits towards a Faculty of Arts and Science degree, including the first-year courses prescribed for the program. Enrollment in the Specialist Programs requires a minimum Grade Point Average; enrollment in the Major Program is not limited.

“Environment and Health” is a Specialist Program offered by the Division of the Environment and associated with Human Biology. For program requirements see the Division of the Environment in the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar.

For Human Biology program requirements see in the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar.

Program Director:
Dr. Melody Neumann

Assistant Program Director and Program Counsellor:
Dr. R.G. Wilson

General Enquiries:
Human Biology Program Office, Room 105
Telephone: 416-946-7609