Making the transition from high school to university can be challenging, but we can help you prepare! Visit New College this summer to get a head start.

University is different from secondary school in several key ways. The writing and research skills that you have learned up to now will need to be expanded to meet the challenges of writing essays, lab reports, scientific proposals, critical reflection papers and many other kinds of written assignments you will encounter at U of T. Courses are organized differently and require particular ways of interacting with professors and participating in online learning platforms.

To help with this transition, the D.G. Ivey Library, the Registrar’s Office and the Writing Centre are offering a series of workshops during Orientation Week that will help you identify and develop new skills and new ways of navigating courses.

Come to see examples of undergraduate writing, learn how to use library research tools, discover the best ways to communicate with professors, become acquainted with university grading practices, meet senior students, learn how to find and join student course unions (student groups in your program of study).

Follow the links to the left for information about these summer opportunities.