In the three residence halls at New College (Wilson, Wetmore and 45 Willcocks), the floors are divided into “houses”.  In each house, you will find a Don who is a student working towards a graduate or second degree. Dons are responsible for offering support, leadership and guidance to their house (approximately 45 undergraduates). They engage actively in helping to develop and maintain a mature residence community supportive of the academic goals of the University.

Dons act as role models; they ensure reasonable levels of conduct, safety and security, encourage residence activities, events and programs, and serve as supportive, informed listeners and resource advisors for any residents in need of assistance. They also receive intensive training in para-counselling and in interpersonal and group skills, as well as in first aid, CPR, fire safety and non-violent crisis intervention.

In each hall we also have a Lead Don who serves not only as a House Don but also as a link to the Dean of Students for all dons and residents in his or her hall.